Saturday 15 October 2016

Possible overlay skimmer security feature?

There's been a lot of talk on various websites about overlay skimmers on POS devices. Talk about technological solutions etc..

You know, I reckon there's a low tech solution.

If the POS device manufacturers supply their own overlays, that are designed to physically probe points that must be altered to capture data such as PIN pad presses, line of sight with PIN pad presses, and/or access to a card's magstripe.

At randomised intervals within a maximum timeframe, a shopkeeper could fit this overlay over each PIN pad in the store in turn, and if the overlay didn't fit, then the PIN pad or whatever other component of the POS device would be known to be outside of physical spec.

Couple this with screening for Bluetooth and other common wireless comms methods using a cheap Android or other cheap wireless enabled device, and it should be possible to pick up when stuff's happening.

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