Who the hell is Hoges?


My name's Anthony (Anthony David Francis Hogan more specifically - y'hear that, Google search? :D) and this is my blog. I'm a 40 something living in a satellite city of Melbourne, Australia.

I originally used the "HOL" (Hoges Online Life) tag back in the 90s (oooh, retro) and figured it's hard to come up with an original title for a blog these days, so I might as well go back in time and pull up something that would have had a better chance of being original at least then :).. To think, back then I was using notepad to edit my Netscape bookmarks file into a webpage, and now I'm using a GUI tool within a website. Things have certainly moved on from the world of animated GIFs and MIDI files (well, unless of course you're looking at a myspace profile)...

Over the years I've worked in retail sales, customer service, technical support and systems administration. In person, telephone, email, instant messaging, remote assistance, remote desktop, VNC etc.; chances are I've used it to help step someone through something.

During this time I have often been faced with challenges and I figure if it took me a long time to find a solution to something and get it going, it might take others a similarly long time and therefore it was worth comment.

Here I'm going to try and share things I've learnt over the years and I might, from time to time, add in some commentary about current affairs (things going on in the world, not cheesy tabloid television thank you).

Hopefully some of you will find my postings here useful. I'm going back through things I've posted online, questions I've asked and problems I've had to find things I think will be of interest.

The views expressed on this blog are mine alone and are in no way representative of, or endorsed by, either my employers or my clients, unless explicitly stated.