Sunday, 24 April 2011

Spam.. it's not just for email anymore..

Spam is definitely not just for email these days. Behold the brilliance of this dumb spambot (or would you call it a spimbot) pushing out (Warning, spim script contains sexual references):
(01:26:40) mzmssh: heyaa
(01:27:45) Me: Is this going to involve an IQ test or a cam?
(01:27:56) mzmssh: hey whats up
(01:28:06) Me: I sense a script
(01:28:16) mzmssh: oh cool im like sooo bored. you want to have some fun?
(01:28:21) Me: No
(01:28:31) mzmssh: im just soooo horny.. wanna watch me get naughty on my cam?
(01:28:33) Me: No
(01:28:43) mzmssh: alright bb you gotta sign up on this site that i use to keep kids away ok?
(01:28:46) Me: No
(01:28:56) mzmssh: mmmmm here bb ... go there and click the green accept button then sign up k?
(01:28:58) Me: No
(01:29:08) mzmssh: hey also it ask for a credit card but its just to verify your age. it dosent cost anything. i promise
(01:29:11) Me: No
(01:29:21) mzmssh: hurry up baby im so ready to cum
(01:29:23) Me: No
(01:29:33) mzmssh: let me know when you get in bb
(01:29:35) Me: No
(01:29:45) mzmssh: k
(01:29:56) Me: Bye
(01:30:07) mzmssh: you in yet bb?
(01:30:10) Me: No
(01:30:21) mzmssh: mmmm when u sign in search for angelnery. hurry please im about to do anal!!
(01:30:27) Me: No
I guess why this worries me, is that people clearly don't pick up on this kind of stuff being a brainless script.. and they blindly believe the script when it says asks for a credit card. I mean, really? C'mon... I think people need to be given some quick training before they're given a credit card, or they're given Internet access.

Perhaps a quick "This is what hoaxes look like... Now, spot the hoax email - with this email/message would you:
  1. Click the link/Reply/Send your password/Your credit card number
  2. Delete the email/close the message
That said, I guess porn is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to duping people into handing over their money.

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