Sunday 24 April 2011

Spam.. it's not just for email anymore..

Spam is definitely not just for email these days. Behold the brilliance of this dumb spambot (or would you call it a spimbot) pushing out (Warning, spim script contains sexual references):
(01:26:40) mzmssh: heyaa
(01:27:45) Me: Is this going to involve an IQ test or a cam?
(01:27:56) mzmssh: hey whats up
(01:28:06) Me: I sense a script
(01:28:16) mzmssh: oh cool im like sooo bored. you want to have some fun?
(01:28:21) Me: No
(01:28:31) mzmssh: im just soooo horny.. wanna watch me get naughty on my cam?
(01:28:33) Me: No
(01:28:43) mzmssh: alright bb you gotta sign up on this site that i use to keep kids away ok?
(01:28:46) Me: No
(01:28:56) mzmssh: mmmmm here bb ... go there and click the green accept button then sign up k?
(01:28:58) Me: No
(01:29:08) mzmssh: hey also it ask for a credit card but its just to verify your age. it dosent cost anything. i promise
(01:29:11) Me: No
(01:29:21) mzmssh: hurry up baby im so ready to cum
(01:29:23) Me: No
(01:29:33) mzmssh: let me know when you get in bb
(01:29:35) Me: No
(01:29:45) mzmssh: k
(01:29:56) Me: Bye
(01:30:07) mzmssh: you in yet bb?
(01:30:10) Me: No
(01:30:21) mzmssh: mmmm when u sign in search for angelnery. hurry please im about to do anal!!
(01:30:27) Me: No
I guess why this worries me, is that people clearly don't pick up on this kind of stuff being a brainless script.. and they blindly believe the script when it says asks for a credit card. I mean, really? C'mon... I think people need to be given some quick training before they're given a credit card, or they're given Internet access.

Perhaps a quick "This is what hoaxes look like... Now, spot the hoax email - with this email/message would you:
  1. Click the link/Reply/Send your password/Your credit card number
  2. Delete the email/close the message
That said, I guess porn is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to duping people into handing over their money.

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